About Us

VOLTRAS International is a new established company. Founded by four young people who have passion in technology innovation. Our team formed as a result of an extensive discussion starting at the end of 2006 after earning international experience combined with deep investigation and study about domestic and regional market.


As a holding group,VOLTRAS International will diversify its business to several fields through research and development in each targeted category based on internal capabilities. We want to be a leading group of corporation emphasizing in sustaining business development through technology innovation.


Located in a satellite city, South-Western Jakarta, VOLTRAS International is aiming to create a comfort working place in order to deliver more ideas without losing the crowded business competition. Furthermore, the goal is to make working environment as user-playful as possible.


Currently, we are running our system in a consumer product business debut in a new business category in Indonesia. But of course, we also provide back-end process services which are based on information technology.