VOLTRAS International grows with faith, we stand on our 1 Foundation + 4 Pillars:

Developing the company as a family, trust is the fundamental value among VOLTRAS International team members in delivering trustworthy environment to stakeholders.

Our products are built as a manifestation of our passion in technology as well as art. We combine skills and senses in creating the entire shape of our products.

We appreciate each person of our team members, our partners and our customers as a unique individual with a unique way of thinking and distinctive needs.

Building a progressive organization requires high quality energy support our team members, partners, as well as our customers. The success will be achieved only when the energy from three different sides is in equilibrium.
We implement a streamline shaped organization, considering every single team member as an equal value to the company, unified as a super-team instead of super heroes. It enables fast messages delivery in working processes.