In selling seats, reservation system becomes very vital for airlines. They have to be able to reach customers through multiple distribution channels for the perishable product, to diminish risk of loss. Our product offers high level of flexibility to cope up with the fast market changing.


Utilizing the power of the internet technology, clariNET solution integrates all aspects in airlines reservation system, included seat inventory, air fares, departure control and revenue accounting. clariNET is designed with parameterized variable data operation to minimize reservation data maintenance effort. Use your valuable time for business escalating, not for data entry


clariNET features:

  • Ease to use booking user interface

  • Inventory control with seat capacity management

  • Profiling for certain data parameter to avoid unnecessary duplication work

  • Fare engine

  • Integrated with departure control system

  • Possibilities in payment processing integration such as credit cards and debit cards/ATM.

  • Airlines defined user group role and access

  • E-tickets and barcode PNR