Building e-commerce business is not as simple as writing a thousand programming codes and place them on a server. As every business entity runs in a different model and market type, the challenge is to derive the complexity into an ergonomic e-commerce store.

Module specification:

  • Product catalogue

Manage and define your products info. Let customers search and find  defined available products. Add specifications and prices, and put your downloadable catalogue to meet your customers' preferences.

  • Back office administration

This module will help you to manage your store, track orders, control product stock and view reports. It includes defineable employee accesses level.

  • Membership

Some of business models require membership. Our membership module will help you to maximize customer relationships. Treat each member uniquely  to enhance loyalty.

  • Payment processing

Viola enables you to integrate your store with payment processing methods such as credit cards, debit cards and automated teller machine (ATM) networks. It minimizes administration efforts both from your and your customer side. The simpler, the better for your customers.

  • Hosted e-commerce site

Viola offers a complete solution for your e-commerce business. We build new sites  from scratch, redevelop as well as scale up existing stores.