Monitoring aircraft health could be a nightmare.  The multifarious process requires more than just  cooperation between departments. Data flows and information sharing need a synergized sphere in your entire organization.

Our little secret allows you to end the bad dreams. Wake up now and simplify your aircraft maintenance by Zither. You will be surprised finding out how bright your days are.

In the mean while, market competition raise and aircraft dispatch reliability must be maintained high. Those pressures forced the aircraft operators to build an effective and efficient maintenance process while keeping the operational cost low.

Meanwhile, market competition never stops. The pressure forces aircraft operators to develop effective and efficient maintenace process, and keep the operational cost low at the same time.

Zither is designed as the solution in aircraft maintenance management. Integrated data enables the aircraft operators to monitor the information flow between departments efficiently.

Zither is a simple and user friendly web-based aircraft maintenance system with rich fuctions and user friendly graphic appearance. Aircraft operators would not need to invest on special trainings for employees for “Conventional-like” interface adopted in this system.