• Welcome to Voltras

    Voltras will diversify its business to several fields through research and development in each targeted category based on internal capabilities.

  • Voltras Agent Network

    The idea of Voltras Agent Network (VAN) started from how difficult it was to be an airlines agent and none existence of Global Distribution System (GDS) in domestic airlines for travel agent industries.

  • 1 Foundation
    4 Pillars

    Trust, Passion, Humane, Balance, Teamwork

  • Voltras Intelligent Orchestrator

    VIO is a magical symphony build from various tone of “Data” to present an accurate analysis for price competition with competitors.

  • Our work is about trust

    We strategize Voltras by staying close to the changes, keep learning and generating brand new ideas. Our working environment encourages team members to participate dynamically.

  • Voltras Xpress Nusantara

    VXN opens a chance for anyone who wants to start courier business as easy as creating account in social media.


    We offer a flexible work environment to foster your own professional creativity growth. We also give you the opportunity to participate as a start-up team member in a relaxed yet ambitious culture, aiming exceptional results, exceeding customers’ expectation.


Voltras is aiming to create a comfort working place in order to deliver more ideas without losing the crowded business competition.

Consist of various background with technology as the common ground

Voltras Group Company

We are a growing and non-bureaucratic organization developed by creating ideas to actual implementations.


You’ll get competitive compensation, competitive salary, health insurance and also very nice working environment and corporate culture. Our founders have vision is making a place to bring Indonesian best people to shows their capabilities and stimulate creative ideas to come up. Most of our team consist of young people and I think it would suitable for millennial generation.


We have plenty of job positions to be offered. If you are energetic, honest, have passion in the technology and strong educational background, feel free to send your resume.


As the front gate of our company, Commercial Legionnaire is fully responsible for the four dimensional marketing strategy, included Product Development, Promotion and Yield Management.


Our Finance Department prepares financial reports and give financial advice to clients or company management. They also provide variety of information, such as external financial statements, to parties outside the organization.


Our Technology Department is responsible for development, management and support of the technology architecture, hardware, software, and the respective resources throughout our business needs.

Internship Program

Are you still in college? want an internship? If you have passion and want to learn in technology, travel & tourism and customer service.

Send your resume to hrd@voltras.co.id to apply internship program in Voltras Group


Jl. Sutera Boulevard 10H No. 29-30, Alam Sutera Town Center (ASTC), Tangerang Selatan – 15325
P:(021) 2900-8578 – F:(021) 3042-9857

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