The idea of Voltras Agent Network (VAN) started from how difficult it was to be an airlines agent and none existence of Global Distribution System (GDS) in domestic airlines for travel agent industries.

In the middle of 2011, VOLTRAS Travel has established their work in giving service to Sub Agent with a new concept. In that era, the developing agent – sub agent concept is being done manually. VOLTRAS Travel introduce a new concept that allow it to runs automatically, without operator and had become the first agent – sub agent system that are made by Indonesian travel agent which is Voltras Agent Network (VAN).

We made a system easy to use to support their main activity. Now, more than 16.000 travel agents already use and it’s growing.

International Air Transport Association

Voltras Agent Network has received official accreditation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with an international permit number: 15-3 1033 0 and Domestic: 15-0 8179 1. With this IATA accreditation, Voltras Travel is a trusted travel agent that is able to present business solutions for members who want to have a personal travel agent without the need to become an IATA member or become a direct airline agent.

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