For 10 year moving in travel agent business, Voltras Group had 17.000 member in all over Indonesia, and now expanding its business in shipment delivery field. Voltras Xpress Nusantara (subsidiary of VOLTRAS International)  is a courier company that provides domestic delivery for document and package supported by operational network throughout in Indonesia. VXN opens a chance for anyone who wants to start courier business as easy as creating account in social media.

As an online based business with user friendly interface, VXN can be operated by everyone, in everywhere, and everytime. VXN offers affordable investment when you join as a dropship agent and you will get attractive commission from transaction you did. Voltras Xpress Nusantara has received “License by KOMINFO RI No.109/POS.01.00/MD/2018” as a domestic courier company in Indonesia.

In the middle of 2018, Voltras’s members in Indonesia not only provide tickets and PPOB service but also they provide shipment package through VXN. As a Voltras Group’s Company, either Voltras Xpress or Voltras Travel, we try to present the best solution in this digital era.

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